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notevenbeingironic: NAC: Chloe and Christi came to Ireland today and during the Q&A quite a lot of things were confirmed. For one, Chloe is NOT returning for the fifth season of Dance Moms (I cried). Second, Chloe does NOT take gymnastics, she was at a sleepover with Paige and tagged along to her class the next day. Thirdly, Clara is trying out a new studio and when Dance Moms is over Chloe will most likely be joining her there. Lastly, Chloe and Maddie are okay with each other but not as close as they were. I just
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Anonymous: NAC: I think the Lifetime people are way too innocent if they think Chloe fans will still watch dance moms without her in it.


People said the same thing when the Hylands left. But it’s a good thing for us. If a lot of people stop watching maybe the show will end. 

I only watch for the dances tbh

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I’m obsessing over these bun decorating pin things that the girls have been wearing. It looks so beautiful!

I didn’t even notice, that’s gorgeous!

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are we just gonna ignore the fact that nia can turn on both sides?

and can do aerials on both sides

Finally someone else notices <3

are we gonna ignore the fact that Nia is fabulous in every way and works so hard and that she is just perf

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